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PC Repair On Wheels Testimonials

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"My daughter, Shannon, is having problems with her wireless router. I think that is what she told me. I referred you to her because I appreciated the work you did for me and your promptness in coming over to my house. Also, a very good friend of mine, Richard Henry, has had work done by you. I did not know this but through conversation he told me."

"You can see how referrals work. So by you being a good person, reliable, competent, dependable, you can see how one's business grows. I have found a way of getting those emails that I can not open through the normal Yahoo internet page. I go to my documents and there is a document called,"Yahoo brief case. And by clicking that one it gives me a home page that I am now able to open the emails that I need Adobe Flash 10 with the other home page that we could not get to download. So at this time I will not need you to stop over. However, when the time arrives that I need assistance I will not hesitate to call you."

"I hope Shannon's problem with her wireless and computer is not too much of a problem"

-Gary Kizzen

Hi Mike,

"Just a quick thank you to you and Matt for the excellent and quick fix on my computer. And, you didn't lose a thing! I have a few of your cards in my purse that I know will be giving to others who have or will have problems that need to be addressed by someone trustworthy and good. Thanks SO much!"

-Linda Burt

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your service to Reliable Construction Heaters over these past six or seven years. You two have always responded to our requirements and emergencies with the utmost professionalism and with the same set of urgency that our unique situation often demands. With your timely and critical assistance, you have helped us remain ahead of the game, and helped to keep our business competitive by controlling costs."

"Since we began our relationship with PCROW, we have added three new district locations. As a result of our company's growth, we had to find creative ways to handle the added administrative work which supports the outer offices. Because of the solutions that Brian has helped me find, we have kept our administrative overhead in check, while increasing our productivity here in the corporate office. I can categorically say that my job was made much easier by being able to make that one phone call to PCROW, and to know that a solution to my problem du jour was not far away."

"So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. And let's keep up the good work!"

-Shea Wickes

District Manager Akron/Canton

"We at XIM Products are most appreciative of the service that PC Repair on Wheels has given us over the past year. We have come to rely on your diligent attention to our computer needs. Your organization provides accurate, timely and excellent quality care and concern."

"Your team of professionals is to be highly commended in the service they provide us. When we have a problem, we know we can count on your team to help us."

"We recommend PC Repair on Wheels."

-Stephen J Sabanos

"This letter will serve as testimony to the good service your firm has provided to my company. We are in the business of doing deals and the computer function is vital to our functioning efficiently for our clients."

"I have always received prompt service. Very quickly in cases that required emergency attention. You and your associates are easy to communicate with and I have always felt that the work was done in a very efficient manner. You understand how we use our technology in the business."

"Thank you for your efforts. We hope to continue the relationship for a long time."

-Lee Tenenbaum


"I have used PC Repair on Wheels for over two years to meet our company's computer-repair needs."

"As a small business owner who depends on the company's computer system to run smoothly, PC Repair on Wheels has exceeded my expectations for dependability and quality of service."

"They are available on short notice and have a quick turnaround time for repairs. Mike has a competent and well-trained staff to solve whatever problem arises."

"I would not hesitate to recommend them to any business owner."

-Jon Parkhurst

Vice President